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  • Service tad slow when doors first open, but food excellent

    Brian Gordon Avatar
    Brian Gordon
  • 5 star ratingFood was super delicious and so was the mimosa! The place was packed but service was fast and the food came right out. Everything was so good and Dallas was super helpful and very friendly. I would go back just to see him again.

    Matt W. Avatar
    Matt W.
  • 5 star ratingI did a mommy meetup at Breakfast Bitch on Saturday with around 6 of my girls. I've been wanting to try this new spot for a while and I'm glad I did. The food was delicious, the slogans on the wall were litty and the vibe was mad cool. They played good music, the lines were decent and the staff was super friendly and catered to all our needs. Ryan I think was his name was "the man. " He hella was a trooper because our big group put him to work and he was ripping and running and taking care of shit without an ounce of aggravation. His great customer service was impressive and greatly appreciated. I had the New Yorker, the cheesy hash brown and the passion fruit  mimosa (free with yelp check in). Everything tasted unbelievable good even the nibbles I high jacked from my friends plates. I sampled the frenchy, the basic bitch pancakes, the avocado toast and the pineapple mimosa and they were all tasty too. Let's just say I'll definitely be in my kitchen soon trying to duplicate that New Yorker because that shit right there was Lol. I'm sure I took way to many photos but why not when there are so many dope selfie opportunities. Definitely took a few that were instagram worthy good lookin Breakfast Bitch y'all definitely know what time it is. We're in the do it for the gram era and your spot definitely checks off everything on the list; good food, good drinks and great photo opportunities. As we exited the building I looked at my homegirls and asked if we coming back bitches... and got a helllls yasss so we basically found a new brunch spot. 🙂

    Tasia H. Avatar
    Tasia H.
  • positive review Great vibe. Clean and the employees are so friendly..

    CarmalettaHardheaded Ramirez Avatar
    CarmalettaHardheaded Ramirez
  • 5 star ratingFirst time here ! Excellent service! ..Nice Vibe !  Excellent food ! Nice environment!

    Qiana J. Avatar
    Qiana J.
  • I really did enjoy my food and the service was outstanding Going back for my Birthday

    pamella mcallister Avatar
    pamella mcallister
  • 5 star ratingSuper delicious. I ordered the American and a mimosa. The meal came out very quickly and was fantastic. I finished it in like 10 minutes flat. Also, they were very accommodating and found us a space when the place was packed.

    Shaun G. Avatar
    Shaun G.
  • The hospitality and the food was awesome. I was very satisfied with my meal. The music is awesome as well. It's worth the wait.

    Vivian Kiser Avatar
    Vivian Kiser
  • 5 star ratingBreakfast Bitch was AMAZING. We LOVED the staff and the owner (Tracy) Such an great environment, welcoming and fun. Plus the food was to die for!

    Elise M. Avatar
    Elise M.
  • 5 star ratingThis is my first time here and they are amazing. I had the side bitch thanks to Bryan who was very helpful in our first visit it's a must come back great experience!!!!

    Latia S. Avatar
    Latia S.
  • ???fire! Food and music and service is EPIC!

    Official Marty Macphly Avatar
    Official Marty Macphly
  • positive review very fun, food and mimosas were great, service was too.

    Grace Marie Brooks Avatar
    Grace Marie Brooks
  • 5 star ratingAbsolutely love this place! As a huge breakfast person I was not disappointed. Mimosas were strong and the staff was AWESOME!

    Amanda O. Avatar
    Amanda O.
  • Awesome staff and delicious breakfast!

    Barry Plum Avatar
    Barry Plum
  • Mango mimosa, All American, Frenchy, cheesy hashbrowns & turkey sausage! Awesomely good food & environment as well as the service!

    jane zwer Avatar
    jane zwer
  • 5 star ratingThis place was amazing!! The energy is amazing! The food is amazing and the service is wonderful! Me and my girls found our new brunch spot!!

    Cookie J. Avatar
    Cookie J.
  • positive review great fun place for brunch. yummy food ? fast friendly service. definitely coming back for more

    MaryHelen Medrano Avatar
    MaryHelen Medrano
  • Really good food!!

    Maritere Arellano Avatar
    Maritere Arellano
  • Great food/portions! Great atmosphere! Great service!

    Kascade Godiva Avatar
    Kascade Godiva
  • 5 star ratingI had the vegan vanilla protein pancakes that were absolutely delicious! The staff were all very nice and fun!

    Araceli C. Avatar
    Araceli C.
  • 5 star ratingWe went in around 10 am on a Sunday and there was no wait. The staff was all very friendly and helpful. The food was good. They have a very simple menu, but everything we ordered was good!

    Jess T. Avatar
    Jess T.
  • positive review Good and customer service was on point! I will be a regular and will highly recommend to others.

    Dorian Crawford Avatar
    Dorian Crawford
  • 5 star ratingGreat place great atmosphere the people are really nice and helpful I will definitely come back and encourage other people to go and the food is good and the bar tender amazing

    Christopher M. Avatar
    Christopher M.
  • positive review Super great fast service! And great trendy place! The food was really good!

    Juanita Meza Rodriguez Avatar
    Juanita Meza Rodriguez
  • positive review Awesome brunch and great service!

    Corey Topolski Avatar
    Corey Topolski

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